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I have a whole new outlook on life. Sex is now fun again! I feel like a healthy, young woman. – A.J.

“I have greater self-esteem, more confidence in intimacy and I am more comfortable physically.  As a side benefit, my partner is very happy too.”M.S.

From our more than 30 years of providing women with exceptional care, comfort and choice, we understand why you are considering vaginal cosmetic and reconstructive surgery – pain, discomfort, loss of sensitivity, self consciousness about your appearance, fear of being intimate – to name just a few of the many reasons women have sought our care.

And we have been able to provide them with not only the latest cosmetic gynecology techniques and solutions, but also clear, expert advice on the choices available for their individual needs and desires.

There are many cosmetic gynecology solutions. We’ll help you choose the right one.

This put the spice back into my marriage!” - P.G.


There are several cosmetic gynecology techniques and procedures available. Which one is best for you depends on your unique anatomy, the issues you are personally experiencing, and the results you desire. From Vaginal Rejuvenation to Labiaplasty, our caring Patient Specialists, along with Dr. Scheinberg, will work with you to find the perfect solution. And have you back to enjoying life more fully and quickly.


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Dr. Mark N. Scheinberg is an internationally acclaimed Cosmetic-Plastic-Gynecological Vaginal Surgeon having performed over 10,000 gynecological surgical procedures and has extensive training in cosmetic gynecology.

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