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With summer quickly approaching, many people are taking note that bikini season is just around the corner.

Men and women alike are unhappy with certain areas of their body and begin to hit the gym

in hopes of making improvements, as the Labioplasty specialist, Dr. Scheinberg says.

Although some have disciplined themselves to a healthy lifestyle for weight loss, some areas of the body remain resistant to diet and exercise.

Stubborn body fat, such as saddlebags and the inner thighs, can be a source of anxiety for many.

“Genetics play a large role where your body stores fat,” says Dr. Mark Scheinberg, a cosmetic gynecologist in Miami. “If you are near your goal weight and still have localized pockets of fat, then you may be a good candidate for liposuction.”

Liposuction has continued to grow in popularity as one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures worldwide.

Patients now have options when selecting their method of treatment – from traditional surgical liposuction and minimally invasive procedures, to completely non-invasive methods.

“Your body type and cosmetic goals are unique to you,” says Dr. Scheinberg who is a vaginal rejuvenation practicer. “The procedure you select should be equally individualized for you to ensure you achieve your desired goals.”

A leading vaginal reconstructive surgery specialist, Dr. Scheinberg offers one of the newest forms of liposuction called VASER® Lipo.

VASER Lipo is a patented liposuction technique which offers a safer alternative for getting rid of your stubborn fat deposits.

“Liposuction helps you achieve your more ideal shape by sculpting away unwanted body fat,” says Dr. Scheinberg. “Many of our labiaplasty and vaginaplasty patients have liposuction performed as a complementary procedure to achieve the aesthetic results they desire after laser surgery.”

One of the more commonly requested procedures is lipo-sculpting performed around the vagina for reduction of the fatty bulges some women have at the top of their pubic bones for a smoother fitting bikini bottom.

VASER Lipo differs slightly from traditional liposuction in that it is minimally invasive and offers a more precise removal of unwanted body fat.

Using patented, state-of-the-art ultrasound technology designed to gently reshape your body, VASER Lipo is safer than common liposuction through its ability to differentiate targeted fat from other important tissues such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue.

“We have women who come in seeking a more sculpted silhouette without a lot of down time,” says Dr. Scheinberg. “If you have unwanted fat deposits that aren”t responding to diet and exercise, then liposuction provides a solution that will have you in your bikini in very little time.”

Unlike traditional liposuction, VASER Lipo provides results with less trauma and faster recovery time.

Large quantities of fat are easily removed with VASER Lipo, where with traditional liposuction you are limited to the amount of fat removed due to the invasive trauma to your body.

“VASER Lipo allows us to precisely sculpt very delicate areas of your body,” says Dr. Scheinberg, the vagina surgeon. “It is minimally invasive and provides smooth and tight results.”

The most common areas for liposuction are the stomach, hips, knees and thighs. Love handles, arms, calves, buttocks and even pubic bones are becoming equally popular.

You should be realistic and understand that liposuction is not intended as a weight loss solution, Dr. Scheinberg says. A slimmer and more sculpted silhouette should be the goal.

Your fat is permanently removed and if you maintain a healthy lifestyle it should not return.

“VASER Lipo allows your physician to treat multiple areas of your body at one time,” says Dr. Scheinberg. “How much fat can be removed and what procedure is right for your body is something your doctor will determine in your consultation.”

Dr. Scheinberg offers a few important questions to ask your physician:

What are your board credentials and specialty?
Who will be performing my treatment?
How many procedures have you performed?
What training did you receive?
He also recommends reviewing before and after photos of patient treatments as well as requesting to speak with patients who have undergone procedures at that facility.


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