Dr. Mark Scheinberg Interview

What made you want to get into cosmetic gynecology?

To me medicine has always been an art. Even doing obstetrics to me was art. Delivering twins and breech babies vaginally, knowing when and how to do the various maneuvers, and doing all the different types of surgeries has been my form of art. Being able to help people and improving their lives using my skills has been a very important part of my life. When cosmetic gynecology came into existence, I thought it would be another ideal way to help people. I was fascinated with it. Really, to be able to use a different kind of artistry, a different kind of knowledge, in order to give people happier results, to be able to use another methodology to make people feel better about themselves, and to make things pretty. Isn’t that a wonderful motivation

About how many procedures have you done?

You know I haven’t really counted the number of procedures that I have done. “Labiaplasty” and” vaginal rejuvenation” are each, if performed correctly, comprised of multiple procedures that go under the umbrella of those terms.. All together I’ve done hundreds of cases, but I’ve never numbered them. I would also say that, although how many cases one does may have some meaning, what is more important is how much training you get for those cases. You can make the same mistake a hundred times. You can be doing the same procedure poorly a hundred times, it doesn’t mean that you are any better. The important questions are how much effort do you put it to making yourself better with each case? What kind of training do you have? How much research do you do? What mechanisms do your use to make what you’re doing better? I’ve had literally hundreds of hours in research, training, etc. to keep actively trying to be better every day. I really believe that’s an even more important aspect: what do you do to improve each and every case, as opposed to just what volume do you do.

Is there anything that you have seen that you cannot fix?

Yes. I’ve seen damage from other surgeons that’s virtually irreparable. For example with labiaplasty, I’ve seen where other surgeons have just taken almost everything off, and then I have nothing to work with to be able to repair. I have not seen any cases that have come to me without prior work that I have not been able improve appearance according to my patient’s wishes. But I have seen people that have come in with severe problems after having prior surgery that there really is very little that I can do to improve it. That’s why it’s so important for a patient to know their surgeon, and to research the surgeon and the techniques that they use to help avoid getting oneself into a problem that is difficult to recover from.

What do you think is different about you, than other doctors performing these procedures?

There are many surgeons performing procedures. Some are well trained, many are very poorly trained. So I can’t talk about myself versus all others, I can only say that whenever I do surgery I am always looking for ways to improve. I’m always looking for a better method, or a better way to do things to get better results. So from my perspective it’s never good enough, it’s always how can I make it a little better, what can kind of things will go better, work better. Just always looking for ways to improve.

Your price range is anywhere from $4300 -$8500, that seems high. Why do you charge so much?

The pricing is not just what I charge for my own work. I do all my procedures at Park Creek Surgery Center, which is a top of the line facility. The prices that I charge include the cost of the facility, the cost for all the nurses and the nursing care, the cost for the anesthesiologist, all pre-op and post-op care, and follow up visits. There is a lot of costs that go out that have nothing to do with what I earn. In addition to all of that, I usually spend several hours with the patient from consultation to pre-op – teaching, training, and explaining everything. I spend a lot of time with my patients. I also tell my patients that if there is anything that ever needs a touch up or anything like that, I do that at no charge. So the pricing that patients get, is really a great package that includes a lot of things. What I earn from the work that I do is modest, even though the prices may appear high. If you take a look at what going to a hospital would cost for an operation that may be 3 or 4 hours, it is far in excess of those numbers just for the hospital costs. I’m doing everything for a significantly less amount that a hospital cost alone would be for the same amount of surgery.

What can a patient expect from their procedure?

It really depends on what they are looking for. My first questions when I see a patient is “What are your expectations? What are you looking for?” And then I do my absolute best to achieve exactly that. What you can expect is a physician that is totally committed to making you happy. That’s really my ultimate goal, to give them what their looking for. To improve their life, to help them have self-confidence, and to feel good and happy about their bodies. I want to see a huge grin on their faces when everything is done. Truly, just for them to be extremely happy and satisfied with their results.

What can a patient expect from the initial consultation?

What the patient will get from the initial consultation is all the information they need to make decisions. I’ll demonstrate where everything is, how it all works, and how it can be changed in order to get the results that you are looking for. They will understand what the different procedures are, the different aspects of the procedures. Also they will be given different options, in terms of the different looks that can be achieved. What exactly we’re going to be doing, what effect they are going to get from the different things that we will be doing, how the procedure will be done. What are the potential risks and complications. What the benefits of the procedure will be. They will understand pricing. They will have all of their questions answered. So really what they will be walking away from my consultation with, is all the information that they would need in order to make a well informed decision.